September club run to Jump off peak

Attendance: 25 / 25

Please join the club on a run out to Jump off Peak in Arco. Please meet at Ski's Coin and Gun if you want to convoy from Idaho Falls. From Blackfoot, You can meet the Convoy from Idaho Falls at the hi-way 20, hi-way 26 intersection. We will not stop so just fall in behind [...]

October Run and Campout event this is a MEMBERS ONLY event!

Attendance: 22 / 25

Join the Club for a Campout at Birch Creek, the Club will reserve the group campsite October 6 and 7th. There are members who are going up on The Thursday(5th) before, but the club will reserve a group site for the 6-7th. We will have many opportunities for trail rides, Skull canyon, the Charcoal Kilns, [...]

No Shopping Black Friday run. FRIDAY DAY

Attendance: 16 / 15

This is the traditional No Shopping Run, For Black Friday, to CAVE FALLS. Breaking away from tradition this run will be offered on true Black Friday and Also on Saturday of this weekend. This is the sign up for the Friday run, Please see the separate sign up for Saturday if you need that day. [...]